5 Ways Adult Illiteracy Affects Health

What if you could reduce America’s healthcare spending by hundreds of billions of dollars, all without dealing with insurance, government health sponsorship, or lobbyists? The answer isn’t magic. It’s literacy. According to PBS, 36 million American adults are functionally illiterate, and this leads to $232 billion per year in healthcare related costs, mostly due to a misunderstanding of health information. Here’s why that happens, and how you can help

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3 Major Barriers Adults Face when Learning to Read

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read many other things today. From street signs to text messages, from news articles to recipes, if you’re awake, you’re reading. Unless you can’t read. It can be difficult for many literate adults to envision a world in which every label, every TV screen, every warning sign, is covered with mysterious, indecipherable script. Perhaps you’ve felt this way if you’ve visited a country that doesn’t use the Latin alphabet as we do for English. But illiteracy affects 36 million American adults, seriously throttling their opportunities. Here are three major barriers to adult literacy, and how you can help break them down.

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