Adult Learner Highlight “O”

For the anonymity of the person described in this blog, we refer to the adult learner as “O.” 

As one of several homeschooled children, “O” described his upbringing as being filled with resentment and anger. His mother tried her best, but she stopped homeschooling her children at some point, and “O” did not progress with his reading. He also struggled with a father who would tease him for not knowing how to read along with his siblings.

“I actually don’t know what grade I’ve completed, but my mother stopped homeschooling me and my siblings,” he said.

At age 12, he realized that he was not proficient at reading. He had never attended a traditional school and was isolated at home apart from his immediate family.

His sister, who also struggled with reading, heard about Reading to New Heights from a family member. “O” decided to join his sister on the journey to reading proficiency. He started at a kindergarten reading level, but has improved by leaps and bounds and has never looked back.

“At first, I felt nervous, scared, excited, and overwhelmed at the thought of joining the program,” he revealed. “I was reading at a kindergarten level. Now, it’s like a weight has been lifted because I can read.”

“O” has an unbreakable bond with his tutor, whom he respects and appreciates. He now has aspirations of completing his GED and attaining his first job.

“It’s been a real confidence booster. I’m always trying to push myself to my limits. I’ve noticed that my confidence when going out is better.”

His latest accomplishment was acquiring his driver’s license. He was so proud to confidently fill out paperwork without needing help. “O” is reading to new heights!


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