Answering Your Questions! Program FAQs

It’s no secret! Reading to New Heights aims to create a safe place for adults to learn and improve their literacy skills. We’re here for you, but we know it can be tough to decide to start our program. So, we’ve created a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) that might help answer how we achieve success with our clients. 

  • What’s the cost? 

It’s free! We are a non-profit and are a solely grant and donor-funded organization. We seek to remove all barriers to literacy, including costs. 

  • Are learners diagnosed with any reading disabilities within the program? 

While we do have certified educators paired with each learner, we don’t offer diagnosing services. We focus on a multi-tiered approach to support. We support those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities, those with English as their second language, and those who simply need care and support. All adults are welcome! 

  • Is there an entrance exam? 

We test every learner to assess their reading level. However, there is no score that must be achieved in order to enroll. All learners are welcome! 

  • Do learners have to read aloud in front of a class? 

No. We know that reading aloud to strangers can be a tough hurdle for some, and we value privacy and creating safe spaces for our learners. We offer one-on-one, pattern, and small group options. Students can choose which option they prefer. 

  • Are classes in-person or virtual? 

We offer both depending on the needs of the learner. Most enrolled learners prefer virtual sessions, while some prefer in-person instruction. 

  • How long is the program?  

It’s different for everyone! We have designed an 18-month, three-level program with a goal of every learner graduating with mastering a 9th-grade reading level. Some learners have chosen to accelerate their two-year program, and others have taken their time. We follow our client’s pace. 


Now that you know more about us, we’d love to learn more about you. Click here if you’re interested in our program and ready to contact us or enroll. If this program tugs at your heart and you’re interested in making an impact through a donation, please click here

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